Rabat, Morocco, 27-30 November 2013
International Congress on Materials & Structural Stability

International Congress on
Materials & Structural Stability
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Building up Sustainable Materials & Constructions

Main Topics


The world's population is experiencing an exponential demographic growth, it should be more than 9 billion people by 2050. This development will require necessarily immense needs in housing and infrastructures. The developing countries are the most affected by this problem. Science building which includes Science Materials for construction and construction technologies are likely to meet the needs of sustainable development. The approach is interdisciplinary and has to be more innovative. Research binders can afford to build new constructive horizons that are respectful of the environment, human conditions and earth.​​​​​​

The International Congress on Materials & Structural Stability CMSS-2013, will bring together international scientific community, academics and practitioners, researchers and students. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss and share recent advances in both research and practice about all aspects of innovation and reuse in civil engineering and building materials.
General sessions, Special sessions, plenary lectures performed by world renowned academics, keynot presentations intended to specific industrial innovations, oral communications and posters, cover a wide variety of topics of main materials and diagnostics of civil engineering, building, structures and geotechnics.​

Area Materials

Area Structures